Welcome to the Bolo Tie!

Volume VI of The Bolo Tie Collective Anthology is postponed until September 2021.

However, we will be keeping our website up to date with great information and continue with our biweekly events.

Volume V of The Bolo Tie Collective Anthology is now available at the MacEwan Bookstore, in person or online!

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The Bolo Tie Collective Presents: Candas Jane Dorsey Interview

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

The Bolo Tie Collective’s Vice President, Theodora MacLeod chats with Edmonton based author and professor, Candas Jane Dorsey.

Instagram One-Sentence Stories

“As I lay dying on the forest floor the dark towering ents began to swallow me whole.” — Sushami Pomerleau-Piquette

“She tried to take her time, but time took her instead.” — Afton Doe

“Underneath the fog that rose with mornings slumber, she found a new place to call home.” — Amanda Krebes