It’s October in Edmonton again, and you know that means… Changing leaves, hockey, Litfest, turkey leftovers, Asian ghost girls (we hope), and yet another year of the Bolo Tie Collective! We’ve got a busy month ahead in the events department. Really. Just read on if you don’t believe us.

We have a Friday the 13th this October, so of course Jacqueline Baker from MacEwan’s English Department is stopping by to murder us all. No seriously, she’s going to be leading our “Horrors of Personal Editing” workshop, showing us how to hack and slash our way through our own terrible writing. Interested? Just bring a page of said terrible writing and some red ink, and be prepared to learn something about revision, love, and the meaning of life.

Just four days later on the 17th, Dr. Mike Perschon (also of the English Department) will be telling us all he knows about writing, publishing, and steampunk. And rest assured, it’s a thing or two. Dr. Perschon is currently working on a book called Steampunk FAQ, so he’s the guy to answer all those steampunk questions that are burning you up inside.

Oh, and we got us some writing workshops, too. The next will be on the 26th. And the fun thing about that one is another visitor will be dropping in. MacEwan’s Writer in Residence this year is none other than Deborah Willis, and she’ll be stopping by for the first hour to give some helpful advice about writing and getting published. She’ll also talk about the writer in residence program and do a Q&A. Afterwards, we’ll proceed with the rest of our workshop.

Although it doesn’t happen in October, we’d be remiss not to mention here the upcoming book launch of Volume II of our anthology. That will be happening November 8th at the MacEwan Bookstore, and it promises to be the Book Launch to End All Book Launches. What that means, we’re not going to tell just yet. More details will follow in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

And finally… thanks for visiting our new website! It’s still a work-in-progress, but more bells and whistles will be added in the coming weeks as we figure out WordPress.

So long for now and good night, children.

A Bolo for All Seasons

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