The People of Volume II: Katherine Schneider


In anticipation of our Volume II launch on Nov. 8, we are running a series of interviews with some of the people involved in its production. This week, we have a short interview with book designer and illustrator, Katherine Schneider.

What made you want to get involved in the design process of the anthology?

I wanted to get more experience in the publishing world. We’ve done book layouts in class, but we only work on a chapter or two before we move on to something else. I really wanted to see what the process was like from start to finish. And of course, I was really excited by the illustration aspect. I want to create my own children’s book one day or just be an illustrator in general, even if it’s not something I do full time. Just having the chance to practice my illustrations and have them seen by a wider audience was a step into that world that I really appreciated.

How did you find the process of working on the book?

Having the chance to work with our design advisor, Barry Boroditsky, was really great. He gave me a lot of support. Even though I was stressed out and panicking at some points, I never really felt hopeless. I knew that I had someone who would have my back and lead me through whatever problems I was having. I don’t think it would have been possible without him there to guide me through the process. I knew how to do quite a bit already, I had the foundational skills I needed, but with a design advisor to talk to, I didn’t feel like I was  wasting hours and hours trying to figure out where I was going wrong.

Hopefully next year we can get even more design students involved. I love doing the illustrations myself of course, but it would be a nice touch to see different illustration styles to match the different writing styles of the stories.

What was your favourite part of working on the book?

Besides the illustrations, I loved being able to take a sneak peek at the stories and poems. It made the layout work much more enjoyable. Learning all of the shortcuts from Barry was really valuable too.

But I’m so happy I took this opportunity in general. Going back to classes this September felt really natural, because I had kept up the rhythm of working on design projects all summer. I felt way more confident going into my classes this term because of all the extra experience I’ve gained over the course of the project. There are a lot of skills that I picked up through working on this book that I didn’t even realize I was learning at the time, but they’ve become subconsciously ingrained in me. I feel so much more comfortable with my classes than I did in previous years, especially when it comes to things like building client relationships and working with design software.

Overall, I’d say that I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to work with students from different faculties, and collaborate on this great project.

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