Short Edition Comes to YEG

Something cool and literary happened this week in sunny Edmonton. French publisher Short Edition now has a presence in our airport. For the uninitiated, Short Edition publishes flash fiction for the masses, both on its website and in story dispensers like the one above, which now graces YEG’s domestic terminal near the living wall. In Europe and the United States, Short Edition has put these dispensers in public places where people often have time to kill. The YEG dispenser is the company’s first foray into Canada, and only the second in the world to appear in an airport (the other is Lyon-Saint Exupéry in Lyon, France).

The dispenser is free to use. With the push of a button, users can print out a one, three, or five-minute story or poem, which comes out on receipt tape. The YEG dispenser currently features 78 authors and 100 stories and poems, though more will be added on an ongoing basis. Most of the authors are local, but there are also a few offerings from places with direct flights from Edmonton, like Iceland, the Netherlands, and London. Local authors aren’t paid (except in exposure), unless Short Edition adds their work elsewhere. In that case, every time their work is printed out at an international dispenser, they get some financial compensation.

At least one Bolo Tie member has a story in the dispenser, and there’s certainly room for more. Stories should be fictional and if they’re Edmonton-centric, that’s cool too. They should also be under 1000 words. Email your stories or questions to

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