Weekend Writing Prompts: SPACE

Since we aren’t hosting workshops for a few weeks, here are some writing prompts for you to do at your own pace! Comment with your completed work (only if you’d like) and we might just feature it!

This week’s theme is outer space because Earth kinda sucks right now ❤

Poetry: You’re in a space shuttle, watching Earth fade into a tiny sphere. Explore the contrast of both the emotional weight of being separated from home and the excitement of exploration in space.

Fiction 1: You prefer the dark loneliness of space to your crowded home planet of Earth, so you’ve agreed to be a scout for an organization looking for resources to mine on other planets. On one such scouting trip, you discover a planet with much potential. However, when you land, a ghostly fog surrounds you, with voices calling you deeper into it. (Borrowed from ServiceScape.com)

Fiction 2: You are the last surviving crew member on a space ship. All hope is lost and you will not make it home alive. You pull out the video recorder to document your last video entry in hopes that someone will find it in the wreckage. Write the monologue you would deliver to the video recorder.

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