Weekend Writing Prompts: CYBERPUNK

This week’s writing prompts are cyberpunk themed! Cyberpunk typically deals with themes and social issues such as rampant capitalism, artificial intelligence, body modification and gene selection, and the commodification and oppression of people. Also, neon and cool cars!

Here are a few prompts!

Poetry: Cybernetic body implants replace organic body parts to make them perform better or provide you with cool perks like being able to cut through walls with your laser beam arm. Write about the experience of getting cybernetic implants, either during the procedure or reflecting on the changes afterwards — what emotions does this procedure bring up? Is it empowering or dehumanizing? How does the transformation feel?

Fiction: A massive disaster devastated North America 150 years ago and the governments have fallen apart. A few, large corporate entities from Europe and Asia have stepped in to help rebuild, but they have also begun to take the place of the previous governments. You are a 13 year old child in a public education program. Describe what “school” looks like in this new world and what a day in the life of a teenager looks like. Also, think about and compare what private schooling looks like for the rich and powerful.

Fiction: You are work as a mercenary doing not-quite-legal work for a CEO of a major company. She has asked you to transport goods from point A to point B. You don’t know what you’re carrying, as per usual. Everything is going to plan until you notice a car following you. Write the chase! What happens? What went wrong? Who gave you away?

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