Weekend Writing Prompts: INANIMATE OBJECTS

This weekend, let’s talk a walk down a subtle subject path and explore the quiet things that exist around us. You can explore this via reflection on the importance of that object, anthropomorphize the object, create a fictional world for the object, or whatever you think would be an interesting take on it! These prompts are meant to be flexible, in that you can take each of them in either a serious or a humorous direction!

Poetry: Write about a ring. It can be a family ring, a wedding ring, an engineers ring, etc. What does it witness? What does it experience? Is it passed down generations? Is it lost in a house when it was dropped down a heat-vent? Did the dog swallow it? If the ring could tell its story in verse, what would it say?

Fiction: Choose the first object to your right: it’s an alien and its family is coming for it. Write its story.

Fiction/Creative non-fiction: We’ve all heard the concerns about our technology “watching” or “listening” to us. Choose an electronic device and write about what it sees or hears. What has your TV seen? What has your phone heard?

Creative non-fiction: Choose an important object in your life and write a story about it. This could be a personal experience that the item “witnessed,” or a reflection of its symbolism in your life.

Message us on discord or comment with your stories! Happy writing!

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