Weekend Writing Prompts: DREAMS

Dreams can be strange, exciting, and surreal. Many writers pull inspiration from their dreams, and many stories include dreams in their plot! For some interesting starting ideas, check out this post from Bored Panda before you try out some ideas with the following prompts. As always, happy writing!

Poetry: Write about the day after a dream that really affected you. It could be a nightmare that you can’t stop thinking about; it could be a dream that foretold something that happened that day; it could be a dream that brought up an emotion about a situation that you didn’t feel before the dream. Focus on how your body, emotions, and thoughts are responding to this dream.

Fiction: Your character is a young child who dreams of other dimensions that they travel to when they dream. Write about the world that they visit and how they experience the shift between this world and the dream world. Does one world affect the other? Is there a specific reason the child is being brought to the other worlds?

Creative Nonfiction: Write about a dream that you had in as much detail as you can. Make it a narrative–string together the random scenes, come up with reason for the nonsense, and fill in the blanks of the story. Make it as compelling as you can, whether it becomes a romance or a horror story. You can also keep the fragmented nature of the dream and make it a stylistic choice.

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