Weekend Writing Prompts: In Real Life

Inspired by suggestions on our Discord channel, this week’s prompts explore moments from a variety of real life experiences. Feel free to interpret the prompts however you like and make them suit your story and your style!

All of the prompts for this week can be explored through poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction.

Write the story of how you met your best friend, or how your character met their best friend. What were the circumstances? Who initiated the first hang out?

Write about the moment you (or your character) knew it was over, be it relationship, friendship, a period of grief, etc.

Write about a night of passion. “Passion” could mean intellectual intimacy during a night of philosophical discussion, a night of drama at the theatre, or an intimate erotic experience that lasted until sunrise.

As always, feel free to share with us on Discord. Happy writing!

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