Weekend Writing Prompt: REFLECTION

Autumn is a great time to reflect. On our lives, the year so far, and what we hope will come in the future. This weekend’s writing prompt is all about reflecting on life. As always, happy writing!

Poetry: Reflect on a challenging time in your life and how you got through it. Without ignoring what was bad or difficult about this experience, focus on the positive aspect, if there is one. Maybe you learned a lesson or the experience made you stronger in some way.

Fiction: Your character just accomplished an impressive feat, something they never expected they would be able to do. Start your story with the achievement, then have your character look back at how they got to where they are now. 

Creative nonfiction: Consider if today was your last day on Earth. Would you do anything differently than you usually do? Write a detailed “day in the life.” Who would you see, where would you go, and would you say anything you’ve been holding back for some time?

If you would like to share the writing that comes out of this or any other writing prompt, keep an eye out for when our submissions open for Volume VI of the anthology!

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