Weekend Writing Prompt: Fear

It’s scary season, so many people are thinking about what scares them. This weekend, we encourage you to write about fear, not necessarily in the Halloween-y horror sense, even fear as it relates to day-to-day life. 

Poetry: Challenge yourself by writing a sonnet this weekend, and make it about fear. It can be about an unusual fear you have or a made-up horror-like fear. Be deliberate with your turn in line nine. How can you use the turn to surprise readers?

Creative non-fiction: Write about your character’s fear in depth. Whether it’s a common fear(such as spiders, clowns, or heights) or an uncommon one (such as cotton balls or velvet), explore the history of the fear. Does your character know where this fear came from? Have they always been afraid of this, or did a traumatic situation bring it on? Then consider if your character can overcome this fear. If so, what can they do? If they aren’t willing to try to overcome it, why not?

Fiction: Write about a character whose fear holds them back from doing the things they love. Write about the cause of the fear, how it impacts your character’s life, and whether your character tries to overcome their fear or allow it to control their life. 

As always, happy writing!

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