Weekend Writing Prompt: White Out

This weekend’s writing prompt comes from whiteouts following suit with the weather we’ve had in the city.

Poetry: Use the colour white as your prompt. What do you visualize when you think of white? Whether it’s a blizzard on an open highway or a wedding dress, use that as your theme for this weekend’s poem. 

Creative nonfiction: Think of the coldest day you’ve ever experienced. Write about that day in as much detail as you can from memory. Get creative with any details you can’t remember. Write about where you were, who you were with, and why you had to be somewhere so cold. 

Fiction: Your character is in a new city when an emergency news report states that a blizzard is imminent, and it’s unlike any other in history. Where does your character go? How do they find shelter and stay warm? Feel free to keep the story to your main character, but if you’re up for a challenge, write about their family as well. If the main character’s family can’t get a hold of them because of the blizzard, are they able to do anything to help?

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