Weekend Writing Prompt: Dreamland 

Whether you’re daydreaming about reading week or finishing your degree this weekend, we encourage you to write about dreams.

Poetry: Write about one of your life-long dreams. If it’s something you’ve already achieved, write about how it felt when this dream became your reality. Utilize the turn of your poem to emphasize that feeling and the “high” you felt. 

Alternatively, you can write a poem all about the feeling you experienced as you achieved the life-long dream. Bonus points if it didn’t live up to the hype. 

Creative non-fiction: Have you ever dreamt something then days or weeks later lived a very similar experience? Write about how your dream came true, and feel free to get creative, filling in any gaps in your dream or your memory.

Fiction: You get to create a dream and give it to someone. What’s the dream you’re creating and who are you giving it to?

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