Weekend Writing Prompt: Superheroes

There’s no denying that Superheroes are big right now, due to the
efforts of Marvel and its Cinematic Universe. Some of you may have
already written stories about them in your youth, or maybe you only
got into them recently due to the glut of movies that have been
coming out. so why not share some new tales of those costumed
heroes this weekend

Poetry: Write about your own superhero origin, what your powers
are, and what you’ll name yourself. Try to focus on the feeling of
being reborn as someone new and better, who can help a lot of
people. Think about what it feels like to use those powers for the first

Creative Non-Fiction: Write about your favourite hero if you have
one. How you got into them, and why you enjoy their stories. What is
it about them that appeals to you? Or alternative, create your own
Superhero, including origins and powers. Why did you create this
character, and what does he or she have to offer that other heroes

Fiction: A hero is having their very first battle: it can be against a
super villain, some average bank robbers, or something else. How do
they handle the situation? What is the result? Do they win, or fail.
Alternatively, they are involved in a mundane situation (like being
stuck in traffic) that they treat as a monumental Superhero battle.
Why are they taking this situation so seriously, and why is it stymieing
them so much despite their power?

This week’s writing prompt is courtesy of Alaye Idikio

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