Weekend Writing Prompt: Dreamland 

Whether you're daydreaming about reading week or finishing your degree this weekend, we encourage you to write about dreams. Poetry: Write about one of your life-long dreams. If it's something you've already achieved, write about how it felt when this dream became your reality. Utilize the turn of your poem to emphasize that feeling and the … Continue reading Weekend Writing Prompt: Dreamland 

How to get an Agent to Take You Seriously

In a recent interview with Denise Bukowski, Denise gave writers advice on being taken seriously by a literary agent. Denise has been in book publishing since 1970, so she knows what it takes to get an agent’s attention.  Denise said that she takes almost nothing from the slushpile because most of the manuscripts there are … Continue reading How to get an Agent to Take You Seriously

What You Need to Know About Getting Published (Part II)

In the first part of our interview with Denise Bukowski and Kris Rothstein, we discussed how to get an agent’s attention and what to look for when deciding to work with an agent. Part two looks at what happens after a writer finds an agent and what next steps they can expect.  What next steps … Continue reading What You Need to Know About Getting Published (Part II)

Weekend Writing Prompt: White Out

This weekend's writing prompt comes from whiteouts following suit with the weather we've had in the city. Poetry: Use the colour white as your prompt. What do you visualize when you think of white? Whether it's a blizzard on an open highway or a wedding dress, use that as your theme for this weekend's poem.  Creative nonfiction: Think … Continue reading Weekend Writing Prompt: White Out