Is This Funny? October 29th

At present, reading stand-up comedy as text is a practice without a widely accepted framework. Literature about stand-up comedy is largely limited to comedians’ autobiographies, or to obscure and niche areas of alternative, "intellectual," and often British stand-up. A guiding theoretical approach to critically reading stand-up comedy for an American audience can begin to be … Continue reading Is This Funny? October 29th

A little not-so-Christmas story list

Peppermint white chocolate mochas have usurped pumpkin spice lattes for the season. Holiday music has been spilling from retail outlets since at least November. Drivers are flipping their best Christmas gestures, cashiers are saying "Happy Holidays" through clenched teeth,  and we only have ten more days to find the perfect present for that loved one … Continue reading A little not-so-Christmas story list