Weekend Writing Prompts: STRANGE HISTORY

History is a great place to find inspiration for writing, but it's even better when it's strange! Here are some bizarre stories from history that you can expand upon, based closely on the story or written with great artistic liberty. Make it funny, make it dark, make it yours. Poetry: Pope Gregory IX supposedly hated … Continue reading Weekend Writing Prompts: STRANGE HISTORY

Weekend Writing Prompts: INANIMATE OBJECTS

This weekend, let's talk a walk down a subtle subject path and explore the quiet things that exist around us. You can explore this via reflection on the importance of that object, anthropomorphize the object, create a fictional world for the object, or whatever you think would be an interesting take on it! These prompts … Continue reading Weekend Writing Prompts: INANIMATE OBJECTS

An Interview with Aisha Yusuf

Aisha Yusuf is a Somali-Canadian author, editor, and publisher who is passionate about the diversification of literature, and aims to create stories that bring under-represented voices to the forefront. She is a current student at MacEwan University in the Communications Program and started a publishing company, Abāyo House, with her sisters. You can check out … Continue reading An Interview with Aisha Yusuf

Weekend Writing Prompts: FAIRYTALES

Since the Weekend Writing Prompts series has been such a hit, we're going to do our best to post one every other week, opposite our usual blog posts! This week's theme: Fairytales. These classic stories have been rewritten, spun, and magic-pumpkin'd into many iterations. Some fairytales are disturbing. Some explore good vs. evil. Others are … Continue reading Weekend Writing Prompts: FAIRYTALES

Weekend Writing Prompts: CYBERPUNK

This week's writing prompts are cyberpunk themed! Cyberpunk typically deals with themes and social issues such as rampant capitalism, artificial intelligence, body modification and gene selection, and the commodification and oppression of people. Also, neon and cool cars! Here are a few prompts! Poetry: Cybernetic body implants replace organic body parts to make them perform … Continue reading Weekend Writing Prompts: CYBERPUNK