Weekend Writing Prompts: FAIRYTALES

Since the Weekend Writing Prompts series has been such a hit, we're going to do our best to post one every other week, opposite our usual blog posts! This week's theme: Fairytales. These classic stories have been rewritten, spun, and magic-pumpkin'd into many iterations. Some fairytales are disturbing. Some explore good vs. evil. Others are … Continue reading Weekend Writing Prompts: FAIRYTALES

Weekend Writing Prompts: CYBERPUNK

This week's writing prompts are cyberpunk themed! Cyberpunk typically deals with themes and social issues such as rampant capitalism, artificial intelligence, body modification and gene selection, and the commodification and oppression of people. Also, neon and cool cars! Here are a few prompts! Poetry: Cybernetic body implants replace organic body parts to make them perform … Continue reading Weekend Writing Prompts: CYBERPUNK

Writing Rituals: How to Create a Physical and Mental Space that Promotes Writing

Sitting down to write is one of those things that are planned with great intention but can be difficult to execute, especially when you’ve had a busy day and your mind is full of to-dos and can’t-forgets. Here are some ways that you can clear your mind, set yourself up for a solid writing stint, … Continue reading Writing Rituals: How to Create a Physical and Mental Space that Promotes Writing

An Interview with Jason Lee Norman

If you are involved in the #yeg literary scene, you've likely heard Jason's name. He is the driving force behind some of the coolest and most creative writing projects Edmonton has seen: 40 Below, an anthology featuring works about winter in Edmonton; #yegwords coffee sleeves, coffee sleeves featuring flash fiction from Edmonton writers; and most … Continue reading An Interview with Jason Lee Norman

Get-Writing Challenges: NaNoWriMo and More

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and is a nonprofit organization that leads an annual event where writers commit to writing 50,000 words in November.  On the NaNoWriMo website, writers can track their progress and connect with other writers. These features are available once you create a free account. As exciting as this prospect … Continue reading Get-Writing Challenges: NaNoWriMo and More