Deadlines Round-up: February 2018

Here is a brief and by-no-means exhaustive summary of some upcoming short fiction and poetry publishing and contest deadlines in Canada. Click on the links for full and exact details.

January 31

Geist 14th Annual Postcard Story contest

Specs: A flash story, up to 500 words, with a related postcard picture (images from Wikimedia Commons okay)

Submission: Online, through Submittable

Fees: $20, which includes a one-year subscription; additional entries $5

Compensation: Publication $500 for first, $250 for second, $150 for third; shortlisted authors published on

February 1

Canthius, Issue 5 (Spring-Summer ’18) Call for Submissions

Specs: Prose up to 3500 words, poetry up to 5 pieces; emerging women and genderqueer writers

Submission: Online, through Submittable; average response time 12 – 15 weeks; simultaneous okay

Fees: Free or $5 donation

Compensation: Publication and $15 per poem and $50 per prose work

February 3

Soliloquies Anthology

Specs: Fiction and CNF up to 2 pieces, max. 3500 words; poetry up to 4 poems, max. 5 pages

Submission: Online, through Submittable; no identifying information on manuscript; simultaneous okay

Fees: Free

Compensation: Publication

February 28

CBC Nonfiction Prize

Specs: CNF between 1200 and 1800 words; citizens and permanent residents of Canada

Submission: Online, through Submittable

Fees: $25

Compensation: $6000 for winner, $1000 for finalists; publication on CBC Books

February 28

Blood is Thicker Anthology

Specs: Fiction between 3000 and 7500 words; must begin with the following line: “It was February 29 again, and I was wondering which member of my family would try to kill me this time.”

Submission: By email, to; no simultaneous or multiple submissions

Fees: Free

Compensation: CAD $0.02 per word, plus complimentary copy of anthology


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