Weekend Writing Prompt: The Vessel

We may not be travelling much in real life right now, but we can always travel through books and writing. This weekend we encourage you to write about a vessel and where it takes you. 

Poetry: Write a poem from the perspective of a ship travelling across the ocean. Dig deep into the ship’s thoughts and feelings as it’s sailing. What kind of ship is it? Does it like what it’s doing, or does it long for a different life?

Creative non-fiction: We all know what happened to the RMS Titanic, but, for some time now, there have been plans for a Titanic II. Write a story about a passenger on the maiden voyage of the Titanic II. Is the Titanic II destined to have the same fate as the RMS Titanic or will it reach its destination safely?

Fiction: Your character is excited about their long-awaited Caribbean cruise. They decide to hang out on the ship deck as the cruiser sails away and, only once it’s too late to turn back does your character find out they got onto the wrong cruise ship. What happens next?

If you enjoyed this writing prompt and would like to share your work with us, send us a message in our Discord server!

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